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India has integrated yoga and tantra into its spiritual life and development, and Chinese culture has for the most part integrated tai chi into daily life. All societies have some form of sacred art and music, but not all have integrated them into the spiritual journey. Sufism is an example where music is embedded in the spiritual life of its participants.

Each tradition of the inner experience must be open to all the others and derive benefit from one another. No tradition is exempt from the necessity of social engagement where justice is at stake; indeed, the work of justice is itself a spiritual practice.

Future forms of spirituality should incorporate the the natural world and hold an openness to the cosmic breadth. The goal is a harmonious relationship with both the earth and the universe.

Future spirituality can evolve into a more holistic understanding.

Each form of spirituality is a living social organism capable of growth as it learns new insights. methods, and ways of formulating the goal of the mystical journey. If we trust the experience of other traditions, we can learn from them. In the future, each tradition of the spiritual life can be of value to the whole of humanity.

“Universal spirituality is also holistic, integrating body with the mind, soul, consciousness, and spirit. Any system of spirituality that concentrates only on the mind and excludes the body and the spirit is inadequate. Forms of movement meditation, from yoga to walking, are ways of bringing the body into harmony with the mind, the spirit, and nature. 

Many forms of spiritual life work only from the neck up, as if the body didn’t exist. We need to find creative ways to include the body in the spiritual journey. The West has had an unbalanced View of the place of the body in the spiritual journey. This lack of balance must be corrected. The body is sacred, and it has to be integrated positively into the mystical life.”

Wayne Teasdale – The Mystic Heart

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