Organizational Advantages of using LISN

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LISN allows organizational control to remain with the organization, yet offers a global perspective that anyone can join at the same time. How?

The key to the LISN strategic membership platform is the ability to create memberships that are private subsets of a bigger whole. We are all human, so LISN starts there. If you have no other affiliation you can still join. However if you are part of an organization such as a religion or a service provider, your membership can be accessed securely and separately.

This applies to a religious structure such as Christian or Buddhist, as well as specific non-affiliated or multi-faith spiritual organizations such as Spiritual Directors International. When you log in as a member, you get the choice to decide which of the groups you belong to you wish to work with during that session. You may select a private meditation group you have joined. You may select your local congregation or temple community. You may select the organizational structure you are a service provider for, or you may just want to look for people from a particular religion that you are affiliated with.

LISN helps to organize memberships, in a hierarchical form, with calendars for each group and subgroup. So you can have a group for a country, one for each geographical area (state or province), and if you want, a sub-group each small LISN_circle group that meets within that area.

Membership lists can be bulk uploaded.

You can view LISN with a filter showing just one group, either a LISN_circle or an organizational hierarchy such as Abrahamic Religions.

However each of the members and groups is also available to be accessed by people who are interested in linking with them from outside. Hence there is a strong element of outreach, not by doing, just by being associated with spiritual interest(s)

Then you can automatically email everyone in a group or a subgroup, or publish news, documents, information in a single group, which is then accessible by those in sub-groups.

Value for those organizations who want to move to membership empowerment

Each organization who wishes to participate in LISN can have free membership facilities.

These can be viewed as a separate internet website (Such as, or linked into an existing website as a membership menu option.

Every organization offering spiritual services can benefit from the LISN front end.

If some of your organization’s members are service providers (e.g. spiritual directors, counsellors, support for suffering etc), these members can be found through the search options, thereby making their spiritual services visible and available to the LISN community, both mapped and by name search. Members can belong to multiple groups, so those who are part of your organization can also be affiliated with another group(s), should they wish.

The level of membership (Admin/moderator/group moderator) will determine the scope of what is available and do on LISN.

Of course all members have their own personal dashboard. Membership has multiple levels of access and visibility.

Here are some examples of membership levels:

A group admin for a service provider will be able to structure country, region and specific groups, upload and manage memberships.

Mapping of Members and Groups

Each registered member is Google mapped by postcode, so you can find who is in an area, or what groups are nearby.

A specific service member will be able to access  all the people who are connected to them, either individually, or in an affiliated group. The service member can then contact their clients via LISNchat or post information (eg upcoming vacation times, or a pending retreat) via the group email which is available (optional)

From a group administrator perspective, logging into the sub-domain for the service group (E.g. automatically provides a private network environment for the group and all its sub-groups and members.

Secure and private access to this group is provided with all the LISN search features, inspiration, profiling etc, without having to develop these specifically for that one organization.

What is even more important, however, is that because any other individuals can become members of LISN, they can register, request friendship with a service provider (e.g. a spiritual director) and filter members that match!

Once connected to any individual, the ability to be recommended or referred for friendship is automatic. Individual members can then look after their own profile, managing everything from confidential visibility of fields, to their own Profile Photo (avatar).

This means you don’t have to maintain a membership spreadsheet, or manage personal updates, as the members can do this themselves!

Matching up service providers with members

Are there people who provide services within your organization? Do members know how to find them? Can others outside the organization find them?

Guests can come onto LISN and find matching service providers without having to be limited to a specific organization. This is a positive for the enquirer, and will in the long run demonstrate the service strengths of any organization.

An example story:

Beth wanted to find a spiritual director to help her.

She looked online and found lots of offerings but no indication if they would match what she was looking for. By registering and defining membership with LISN she was able to define her own spiritual expectations in a fun way, and in doing so the list of local Spiritual Directors was somehow narrowed down to those who matched her needs and style. She loved not having to research a whole lot of options and found it easy to choose one that works well with her spirit.

Other Benefits

LISN recommends that you have a good look at the upcoming developments for surveys, spiritual analysis, mapping etc. These features and benefits can be applied to the subset of data that applies to you, your service providers and all the clients that are affiliated to them!

LISN also provides Zoom video conferencing to enable small groups to meet in silence etc. We have working groups in Canada doing that now for Illuman, Richard Rohr’s men’s group. You can also broadcast meetings if you want, to allow people who are limited in mobility to gain access.

Best of all, LISN is not for profit, and provides this service to all spiritual ventures at cost:

NO costs to participate, NO spam, NO global emails sent to you, NO requests for credit card information, NO advertising, NO sales or promotion, NO public comments or opinion on content, NO scientific or religious dogma, NO pushing to believe, NO alignment with specific organizations, NO sharing of  your email address, NO hidden or ongoing fees, NO popularity  contest! We want you to enter here as a safe place without obligation or expectation. Our Terms are for your protection. Every participant benefits, so please register.

Once you have registered you will be able to experience the full range of services offered. In the meanwhile you can still experience inspiration on the site as a guest.

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