Video Conferencing

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Yes LISN supports Video Conferencing within LISN_circles and groups!


Video conferencing is available on all computers, smartphones or iPads, you will be asked to load small Zoom plugin, please accept that invitation!

How to use video conferencing?

Select a group for which you are a member, and choose the Video Conference option for that group. We are using VC powered by ZOOM technology.

You will be asked to enter your name which you wish to use for the session, and then the video conference will open in your browser

Over 40 group members can be on the conference at the same time, enabling a virtual circle or council with spiritual friends across the globe.

Can the group invite people to join them as visitors?

Yes, press   at the bottom of the screen and then paste into an email or text message to the invitee.

They can then click on the link and join the conference. It is as simple as that!

If you want to have the video conference use your whole screen without the browser tabs:

For Microsoft Windows Press F11

In Mac OS X v10.6, click the Full Screen button in the toolbar in the Aperture main window.

In Mac OS X v10.7, click the Full Screen button at the top-right corner of the Aperture main window.


NOTE video conferencing is only available for members. If you are not a member you can register now and gain all the LISN benefits for free!

Example video conference facility – it is operational but you may or may not find that the host is available at this time:

Click on the image to try VC

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