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Natural mysticism is the awareness of integration of all creation, and it has as a tenet the desire to unite humanity with other species and the natural world. ​The earth’s ecological needs are a spiritual reality, and the foundation of human life and wellbeing. The natural world has spiritual value in its own right, and nature mysticism encompasses and expresses this value. This concern is an absolute priority of spirituality, and it is good to keep it in focus for the future.

The following principles are part of a document published by Norm Habel, a man with a long term commitment to ecojustice in Australia.

  1. The Principle of Intrinsic Worth
    The universe, the Earth and all its components have intrinsic worth/value.
  2. The Principle of Inter-connectedness
    The Earth is a community of inter-connected living things which are mutually dependent on each other for life and survival.
  3. The Principle of Voice
    The Earth is a living entity capable of raising its voice in celebration and against injustice.
  4. The Principle of Purpose
    The universe, the Earth and all its components are part of a dynamic cosmic design within which each piece has a place in the overall goal of that design.
  5. The Principle of Mutual Custodianship
    The Earth is a balanced and diverse domain where responsible custodians can function as partners with, rather than rulers over, the Earth to sustain its balance and diversity.
  6. Principle of Resistance
    The Earth and its components not only suffer from injustices at the hands
    of humans, but actively resist them in the struggle for justice.

“Contemporary society has lost touch with soul and the path to psychological and spiritual maturity, or true adulthood. Instead, we are encouraged to create lives of predictable security, false normality, material comfort, bland entertainment, and the illusion of eternal youth. Most of our leaders —political, cultural, and economic -represent and defend a non-sustainable way of life built upon military aggression, the control and exploitation of nature’s “resources,” and an entitled sense of national security that ignores the needs of other species, Other nations, tribes, and races, and our own future generations. These values do not reflect our deeper human nature. 
Successful navigation of this most perilous time in human history requires psychologically and spiritually mature men and women who can engender a mature human species. For nature-based people, initiated adulthood is developed in intimate relationship with the earth, the larger organism who births and sustains us.”
Bill Plotkin from Soulcraft
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