Future Spirituality

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A new awareness of the experiential aspects of spirituality is emerging across the world. It is being experienced in many ways, an openness to the investigation of other faiths, rather than belief ‘silos’, increasing attention to the needs of silence and rest in a fast paced global workplace, and a willingness for science and faith to co-evolve human consciousness.

“There is a deep hunger, a spiritual thirst in people, both across the religions as well as those who are not formally part of any religion, for a coming together of the religious and wisdom traditions of the world.”
Will Keepin 

Increasingly at the individual level (not as much at the systemic level, but there too) there is respect for the ‘other’ the persons that in the past would have been considered not-my-group or enemies. The global growth of internet and related communication has allowed more interaction at a deeper level, and this benefit is a motive for LISN_circles.

Education has increased awareness of how similar all humans are, however the long term barriers to non-judgmental acceptance, mutual trust and understanding still need to be breached. Global community building starts at the individual level, with a commitment to paying attention to the spiritual and mystical. Such spirituality mirrors and empowers human unity.

Religions at their best and most authentic are communal forms of spirituality, and the future calls to all religions to return to their spiritual base, while minimizing the traditional, dogmatic and formal elements that are either irrelevant today or worse may actually be the motives for separation and even violence.

This series is an exploration of the nature of what Ken Wilbur calls Integral Spirituality, the awareness of unity and love as the attraction point for a upward spiral of hope, peace, compassion and all virtue. It is not a prediction but the outlining of what we know about the importance of stating positive intent.

The series outlines positive objectives for future spirituality, namely:

  1. Contemplative & Meditational
  2. Interspiritual & Intermystical
  3. Socially Involved
  4. Environmentally Responsible
  5. Holistic & Integrated
  6. Involving intuition, myth & beauty
  7. Holding Cosmic Awareness
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