LISN Contributions

You are invited to contribute to the LISN website by submitting any content that has inspired you, lifted your spirit or helped you to see humanity in a positive light.

You may also share questions that have welled up from deep within you, but you were afraid to ask because of societal reactions. For example, “why do some people like to hurt others?” is a question from my childhood I can associate with being bullied at a school where the question was not safe to ask.

All submissions are vetted to meet the following requirements:

  • No fixing, saving, advising or correcting – this is not the place for that, there are plenty of other sites that offer advice. LISN content is either questions that open inner doors to owned personal understanding, or content that has touched the contributor in a heart-felt or spirit-based way.

  • As we explore poems, stories, questions and silence in a safe place, we learn from within. LISN offers such a place. Think about motives before contributing anything. If the content appears to present in any way as if it offers answers, it will not be published. LISN believes that spirit answers come from deep within.

  • You may offer honest, open questions. Questions offered on LISN should be ones you are asking yourself. If you already know the answer, and want others to have this answer, this is not the place to do that. Submissions of honest, open questions from your heart helps all LISNers to share the question, and perhaps resonate with that. You may offer such a question to add to an existing set of questions, or you may propose an entirely new set.

  • Inspiration is often found in wonder. Set aside what you know in order to listen to yourself more deeply before sending anything in to LISN. Ask yourself “I wonder what my intended submission teaches me about myself?” before offering it to others.

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We look forward to feedback and contributions.