Involving intuition, myth & beauty

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Other media and wisdom sources are increasingly integral parts of contemplative practice.

The future won’t just depend on books or spiritual reading, it will increasingly look to art, music, stories, myths and movies as a means to nourish contemplative life and the sacred.

Stories, Music and art are present in every culture; they are universal languages of vast sacred potential. They have an enormous and virtually untapped potential to contribute to our spiritual development; they are able to awaken, deepen, and expand the contemplative dimension of human being. From a perspective of human wisdom, much is embedded in the old stories or myths, as Joe Campbell understood.

Integrating music and art (including photographs and movies) into contemplative practice, or making them practices in themselves, is another way of allowing spirituality to become more holistic – to affect the whole person, each one of us in our expanded integrity.

Quality art and music have special qualities that permit us to see beauty far beyond the range of our eyes, and into intuitive and uplifting experience. In time they can become a means of accessing mystical dimensions previously unknown or experienced.

Intuition itself (inner teaching or awareness) is also re-emerging as a social subject since first being redefined by Jung in 1921.

Note: Intuition is not to be confused with superstition, which derive from other people’s myths about association.

Jung establishes three main criteria regarding intuition:

1  “In intuition a content presents itself whole and complete, without our being able to explain or discover how this content came into existence.”

2 It arrives in consciousness “whole and complete”  In other words, the intuitive content does not require another intuitive impulse, or a thought, feeling, or sensation to bring it to completion.

3 The intuitive conclusion appears to the intuitive to be true and emerging from an inner sense, not externally driven. “Intuitive knowledge possesses an intrinsic certainty and conviction,”  Jung wrote.

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