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The concept of time is a way of defining past, present and future.

[Continued existence/events in the past, present, and future; regarded as a whole series.]

Time is understood in many ways, the most typical being ‘what clocks measure’, cumulated into units such as ‘years’ or ‘millenia’, or a certain period/duration during which something happens.

However recent scientific discoveries in quantum physics have concluded that time is integrally connected with matter, or the existence of things (matter), such as the world. Without the existence of matter, there is no time, and vice versa.*

Time has not always been seen in either of these modern ways.

For example, in the Jewish (ancient Hebrew) Aramaic language, the sense of time differs dramatically from our own.

“In the ancient worldview inherent in Semitic languages, time does not exist like a line extending from past to future with ourselves existing outside it at one particular point on the line and no other. Instead, the ancient Hebrews saw their beginnings moving ahead of them [as a caravan] carrying them along, with their future following behind, also moving at the same time. One could in this sense feel both the past and future actively part of one’s life and, in a state of intense meditation, unite all moments in one.”

Dave MacQuarrie

So is our view of time affected by how we observe things?

Yes, most definitely, both scientifically “Physicists have found that even passive observation of quantum phenomena (by changing the test apparatus and passively ‘ruling out’ all but one possibility), can actually change the measured result

and also spiritually, because as we accept that time is non-linear, we become more open to the awareness of the Universal Spirit (God, HP) as present now and also outside of time. Mystery becomes an integral part of this awareness, in the form of “There is some existence/being that has always existed and is present now, that I am part of but cannot comprehend.”









“Time is an illusion.”
Albert Einstein

“Time is not the stable moving-staircase that prosemen have for centuries pretended it to be, but an unaccountable wibble-wobble” 
Robert Graves

“This was the original condition of Matter. It was without forms for it was but one Form.
It was without parts for it was a Whole.  There were not Suns but it was one Eternal Sun.
It had no beginning and it was without end. It was a Vortex of one Eternity without time. It had not circles for it was one infinite Circle.
It had not disconnected power but it was the very essence of all Power. Its inconceivable magnitude and constitution were such as not to develop forces but Omnipotent Power.”
Andrew Jackson Davis 1847

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