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We are irresistibly drawn to the beautiful, to encounters with all forms of beauty, and real beauty brings out feelings and emotions in us, though beauty is not an emotion itself.

Beauty inspires us, lifting us out of the doldrums and leading towards our higher calling and awareness.

We often relate beauty to human appearance, though ‘made-up’ beauty that the media promotes is nothing compared to the sparkling eyes and innocent smile of a happy child. The beauty we seek and value most is the attribute of love-ability, a reflection of a broader uniting consciousness which draws us into love and affection.

You may resonate with the glorious majesty of mountains, or vast plains, the power of wild ocean waves, or the spectacle of the stars and galaxies.

Or consider your reaction to the amazing intricacies of different species, from dogs and cats to tiny shining insects, or the power of an elephant.

The beauty of art, or music, or other human creations like poetry are also inspirational.

Take time to think about what you consider beauty to be.

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