What stops you?

What stops you from climbing the mountain you want to? Likely it is not the huge boulders in your way, but rather the tiny rock in your shoe.

What stops you from swimming naked in the sea, carefree as you would like to be?Likely it is the expectations and laws of society, or the fear of being  seen as you are in reality.

What stops you from accepting yourself, being as respectful to yourself as much as you would you someone else you love and admire? Likely it is because you don’t see the body shell that you live in as a conduit for the energy of love, because when you were young you became patterned to think of your body as bad.

What stops you from accepting your heart, your inner self, as being who you are, a spiritual being in a physical body? Likely it is your thoughts, which you can observe trying to convince the real you that mystery is to be solved, rather than partnered with.