Walls and Distancing

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A month ago I was walking in the park when I got a whole stream of information about walls and the current misuse of them in the USA to separate people for reasons of power and ego.

The purpose of walls is to stop something from coming in or going out.

Sometimes that is a good thing, at least the Chinese thought so when they built a wall to stop invaders from the north.

In 1907 Western Australians completed  a rabbit proof fence over 2000 miles long to stop rabbits from the East from invading the farms along the coast and eating their crops.

At this time of the covid-19 pandemic we are asked to stop the spread of the virus by social distancing. It is healthy and good to put a barrier of distance between the virus and our loved ones.

The problem with barriers and walls is when they are used as a tool of hate towards humans.

In 1958 the Russians built a wall to stop East Germans from escaping to the West.

North Korea has built a wall to stop its citizens from visiting the South.

Such walls are tools of fear in order to support autocratic power.

Dictators across history have spent their citizen’s wealth to isolate  and control, and what Trump is doing at this time is the same, creating a fake enemy of “not us” and holding rallies of racism and fear.

At this time the southern wall between the USA and Mexico is being extended to stop South American refugees from entering the USA. This is a wall of hate and propaganda, built to restrict human freedom based on skin color and wealth.

How can I say that? Because the USA treats white wealthy Canadians differently, and are not building a wall to the north.

I am disturbed by this from a nation largely influenced by migrants and refugees, and since I recorded the song “I Built a Wall”, I also created the videos on this post for you to watch and hopefully share.

The first is the IMAGES REMIX, but a simpler version is below if you just want to listen to the music.

I hope you can join me in working towards reducing fear, racism, isolation and rejection of any human  brothers and sisters.

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