LinkedInSpirit.Net (LISN) is the manifestation of a vision by the founder in February 2017.

It came in a dream during the night, where people across the world were able to find spiritual friendships in the location that they desired. This was possible using a happy website in which each member could map themselves physically (location) emotionally (seasons) inspiration-ally (sharing inspiration) and most importantly, by LISteNING to their inner wisdom and intuition (insight).

The site was different in many ways, not just because it was about LISNing to our inner voice and each other, but also because it is intended to be about questions, not answers.


On the other hand the site was to be full of stories and personal sharing of things that inspire! Members were to be invited to contribute to the site.


By December 2017 the dream that showed what was to be done had reached production stage, albeit not with all the features that are yet to come…

Features still being worked on.

  • The LISN algorithm is the biggest and most powerful aspect of the system, and cannot be completed until the numbers of LISN members who have used the IQS increase. This is because the algorithm will be self-learning, and therefore requires member input. Once operational it will enable a person to find someone who resonates with their spirit in a remarkable way.
  • Graphical gamified front end. Everyone likes some fun, and LISN is working on making the journey inwards just that. The front end will have active animated glyphs that lead you to the areas you show interest in, explaining on the way.
  • Interactive Question Survey expansion. This will always be a feature requiring more work, because it is about defining the questions that we all want to know; what is love,  where is meaning, why is there suffering and how to lessen it, how to retain friends etc. You, the reader, can assist with this by providing your own questions – please do!

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Google business details can be found at: http://lisn.business.site