About LISN Series

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Within LISN there are many different streams of thought to guide you through the process of self-interpretation. These are called LISN-series, because when you complete one, you will be led to the next logical part.

You can view available series on the side panel. More series become available to you as you make choices. (In order that you don’t have to answer questions that do not apply to what you have already defined about yourself.)

You do not have to follow a particular series, you can choose to move to another at any time, though LISN advises to complete a series in order to keep track of what you have or have not explored.

To start a series click on the series that interests you from the LISN-series side panel, or the drop down list below, and you will taken to a list of posts in that series. 

Click on the  post graphic to begin.

At the bottom of each post in a series you will see a Series Navigation option, that looks like this,


with a next >> or previous << option that will take you to an adjacent post in the series.

Series navigation