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Policy for participation

The LISN philosophy is about inner growth, courage, and renewal. The LISN intentions are strongly influenced by Parker J Palmer’s Courage and Renewal.

If you want to experience the mysteries of universal love and human consciousness, then this is the site for you.

If you think you have the right to tell/force other what to believe, then as soon as you express that, you will be banned/blacklisted.

Of course you are welcome to your own beliefs, but please express them in terms of an offering of your own experience.

This is not a place for promoting your own ideas, including your religious beliefs, or products you may wish to sell or gain benefit from.

There is to be no advertising, spam or promotion on forums, or in content.

Responsibilities of a member

LISN is not a place full of rules, however we invite you to be respectful of other participants, and should you not do so, there is no option but to ban your membership.

On the other side, LISN offers a lot of inspiration, including about how humans relate, and if you want to get an idea about our ‘spiritual safe-place’ approach you can view it on the safe-place page.

Please read the following commitments prior to registration, as you will be asked to accept them as part of registration.

1 I will act on this site as if all people have access to a divine spirit of love/compassion.

2 I accept that on LISN I  have no right to tell/force other what to believe, and if I do express any opinion, coercion, advertisement, promotion or other inference that I am right, and someone else is wrong, I will have breached my membership commitment, and may be banned/blacklisted. My own opinions and beliefs may be shared with those I befriend on this website, preferably by connecting with them face-to-face, but also via the chat facilities offered. Friends have the right to block interaction for any reason.

3 Offerings and contributions I may make for publication on this website are accepted subject to moderation to ensure compliance, and to ensure that they are gifts from your own experience.

4 Groups and their facilities are offered for more extensive interaction, however I understand that hidden groups are limited to members of the group or any subgroups. This is to ensure that moderation is self-managed and does not impact or damage the safe place for those who do not belong to the group. I will act respectfully towards members and any group I join.

Process of application for membership

So you don’t get any surprises, this section explains what is involved in the LISN registration.

LISN expects members to relate to other members in a safe and respectful way, and we intend to help you to find others who are on a similar spiritual adventure.

This requires LISN members to be willing to share their location (country and postcode at least, so you can be found, and find others, by location), and some insights into who you are. Initially that is just selecting from a list of spiritual interests. Once you do that, our smart algorithms can help you find others of like spirit.
Later we invite you on to an interactive spiritual, ethical and philosophical journey.

Once completed, you can have confidence that the people who are on the LISN website have also gone through the same process, and are likely to be what they claim.

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