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Balance is an even distribution, enabling someone or something to allow it to remain stable and not crash. In LISN, balance is enabling seeming contradiction to support each other, to have Mind, Body and Spirit as three legs of a stable three-legged stool of sustainable life of peace and joy.

“All human activity is a search for a balance between the logical mind and the soul. To live in balance, to both survive and be happy, you must have both logic and soul.”

Sri Kaleshwar

You have a body, a spirit, and a mind. Balance requires honoring and attending to the needs of all your dimensions.

“Our body is the current address/location of our soul, and our mind draws experience from both.”


By developing and sustaining a spiritual focus in life, while still enjoying our body and living in society, life becomes richer and more productive.  That is what “keeping in balance” is, and it includes self-compassion, the spirit caring for the body and mind.

For example consider:

  • Accepting yourself a little more and rejecting yourself a little less.
  • Increasing your gratitude and decreasing your expectations.
  • Releasing some things and opening-up to others.
  • Allowing apparent contradictions/opposites to befriend each other, pain and joy, life and death.

“I would like to give you two things: roots into this earth, into all that is earthly, and wings into that heaven, into all that is abstract for you now, into all that you cannot even comprehend, that cannot be conceptualized. “


“All the opposites are all held and contained within pure being, even the finite and the infinite, matter and Spirit, male and female etc, and this harmony between things is called beauty, which for some is a fourth transcendental itself. Evil is nonbeing and unconsciousness. Beauty is the fullness of being and full consciousness.”

Fr Richard Rohr

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