Spirit Space

When I was young my light was hidden by the blanket

of dark anxiety,

and expectations poured from the lips of other mouths like tar over my soul.

My space became limited

within the confines of other opinion,

my boundaries of life reducing rather than

e x p a n d i n g.


Mystery broke all those walls,

and set me free.

I call her ‘Mystery’, because in my wildest dreams

I could not see value in pain or suffering.

I would have thought that a contradiction.

Until I recognized the role of harsh experience

in expanding my Spirit Space.

Pushing me into new experience,

allowing my emotions to be recognizable, and heard

as the melody of a higher tone,

an inner wisdom came through me,

to me.

I was until then unprepared to battle for freedom;

the life-long battle to return from where I came

back to the Universal, Intentional, Love Energy

that we sometimes have the arrogance to place labels on.


Pain and brokenness within time gave new perspective

regarding my Spirit Space.

If I was to do battle with my own humanity,

I decided it should be

to push against the beliefs that imprisoned me,

and expand into the universe.


After all,

my spirit has no limits

other than what I allow

placed upon me.