Broad use of electricity is only 150 years old! We know now that you have to allow the flow to experience the benefits, and it can be dangerous if you try to connect without the right interface.

Electricity is a mystery, like gravity or any energy, we can experience it, but we cannot change it or comprehend everything about how or why it operates. Sure, we have learnt that certain metals conduct it, that it has certain properties, that it can be delivered as direct current or in vibration as alternating current, but does it really flow? Do electrons actually migrate across a national grid, or just excited each other to pass on the power? No one knows for sure.

So what is the essence of energy? One interesting characteristic is that every can change form. We can convert electrical energy to magnetic, or heat (Thermal). We can convert potential energy to kinetic, solar energy to sound, gravitational energy to electric magnetic etc.
Energy has this common property which is a mystery, and is embedded in all parts of the universe, living and static. We now know that in fact all matter exists as an instance or conversion of matter, nuclear energy can generate heat, or exists in the form of matter, though at present we only know how to convert heavy metals into energy and vice versa (fusion and fission)
The sun is, as science tells us, a ball of nuclear energy, constantly converting from gas (matter) into  other forms of energy such as heat and electromagnetic radiation. Mankind has always looked in awe at the sun, yet it shares the form of this universal energy which can be converted into electricity, the same type of energy that runs through the nerves and synapses of any life, including your own body. Knowing this, is it not reasonable to accept that what we call the mystery of all types of energy is another name for the universal mystery of life?
In my book “Energizing Love” I postulate that the sum of all the forms  of energy is conceivable. We need a word as a term that defines the sum of all energy, if all electricity, all gravity, all potential, and all the nuclear energy in all matter, all energies, had a name.
What would you call that indefinable source of all power? Some would name it as the supreme Creator, or God, or the all powerful one, but the term will always be personal and remains impossibly incomprehensible for most of us.
However if you allow yourself to imagine that combined universal Source of all energy has additional characteristics, those of intent, creativity and a desire to bring growth and abundance, then my personal word for that is Love. It makes sense to me because loving intent is the only way I can experience meaning, and as part of a logical universe with meaning there must be an intent that flows from the Creator into all creation.
This for me is what Spirituality is: a connection to that infinite energy of love. Anthropomorphizing this immensity, giving it gender, or race, or trying to own or claim it for a group, is nonsense. So is trying to narrow comprehension of it into mere words, which is typically how religions try to communicate spirituality. Religious dogma cannot define or claim knowledge of this magnificence. That is not to say they should not try, but Spirituality is wider than all religion, and at best any religion can only point to the ineffable spirit of love that each one of us can experience.
Religions are like bubbles clustered on the edge of Spirituality, some may even be camped outside. The most humble religions are the ones that recognize the infinite unity is not owned by them, that we are part of the whole.

Energy is not static, and we interpret reactions our body has to sensory inputs about energy; hot, bright, loud, fast, soft, gravity etc. In fact, all our senses are the interpretation of energies that we encounter. When I write of human vibrational energy it is just another way of saying life is connectedness to the One.

Our experiences always involve some form of energy, and the construct of our personal consciousness is a complex neural interpretation of the energies we encounter.

However every life has an available connection to the spirit that can be opened. The electric conductor of life is embedded in all, even during times of disconnect. In other words everyone can love, and as we love, we can utilize a minute part of this immense life energy. As we allow ourselves to be a conductor, not a resistor, we shine, and only then does life’s meaning become apparent.

We all know how to switch on an electric light. Let’s switch on another form of energy, switch on Love.