The Illusion of Time

An Indian myth tells of a man who asks Krishna to reveal his maya – his illusion.
There seems to be no answer to his question, but from that moment, his life, which before had been serene and uneventful, becomes more animated and full of drama.

He meets a woman with whom he falls in love, marries, sets up house, works, and becomes rich. Business gets better and better.

But then he goes bankrupt, a terrible flood comes; and just as this catastrophe is about to take his life, he wakes up as if from a dream and sees the divine Krishna smiling in front of him: a mere instant had passed. This whole life full of dreams and nightmares had not taken up
more than a moment.

The flow of time is a magical illusion. The sage Ramana Maharshi must have had something like this in mind when, dying, he listened astonished to his disciples’ grief:
“Where do they think I am going?”

When you dwell in the Eternal Now you are not hurrying away to some other place.

Do you seek the ability to face the incessant flow of time without fear ?

Perhaps you, like Doctor Who, are a Time Lord in an imaginary series of episodes called life?