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To think of, act towards, and care for someone by focusing the energy of love in kindness and friendship (from the Greek word ‘agape’) – also known as loving-kindness, compassion, and encouraging worth/value.

Because love is an energy, a verb, it cannot be owned, but it can be experienced.

Epitomized in the ‘Good Samaritan’ story of self-initiated care for a person of different religious and social background without expecting anything back .

Love is the response to the unique preciousness of the ‘other’.

Dietrich von Hildebrand

Love does not exist in a single place or person, but flows through all life.
The most loving life experience is one where the connection exists between two or more is also open to this”other” of energy and it also remains flowing as long as this connection is kept.

Energy/electricity and energy/love have a common law; to always flow from negative to positive when connected without resistance.

“What do we fear most of all? That death is stronger than love.
Love will win!
Love is all that remains.
Great love is both very attached (“passionate”) and yet very detached at the same time. It is love, but not addiction. Love and life are finally the same thing.
True Self can love and let go.”

Fr Richard Rohr “Immortal Diamond”

Self love and self respect are important pre-requisites to being able to reach out in love.

“The moment you understand the importance of loving yourself, you will stop hurting others.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Other meanings of love not implied by the LISN use of the single word ‘Love’;

  • Sexual attraction and intercourse (from the Greek word ‘eros’ or erotic love)
  • Familial or brotherly love, bonding to blood relatives (from the Greek word ‘filia’)
  • Belonging love, or social connection to a group, religion etc

When required, these other meanings for love are referred to in LISN by an explanatory prefix word, such as ‘romantic love’, ‘erotic love’ or ‘family love

compassion, agape
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