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The reason energy is so hard to define is because it’s an abstract notion. In physics, the concept of “energy” is really just a kind of shorthand, a tool to help balance the books. Energy is always conserved (or converted into mass) so is incredibly useful in working out the results of any kind of physical or chemical process.


There are a lot of different kinds of energy in the universe, and energy has different forms. Our universe is made from energy and it is fundamental to the existence of everything!

  • Common forms include
  • Mechanical Energy.
  • Heat (thermal) Energy.
  • Solar (Sun) Energy.
  • Chemical Energy.
  • Electrical Energy.
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Potential Energy

Forms of energy can be converted from one to another.

These forms of ‘Energy’ as known in science are that from which the universe is created, the interchangeable basis of matter, time and therefore life.

Energy has a scientific relationship with substance or matter and time. (E=MC2)

Research about energy show there is much we don’t know about energy, that over 25% of the energy in the universe exists is in a form that cannot be explained. (e.g. dark matter)

There is no physical “essence” of energy, and “pure energy” as a concept can only be understood in a context of timelessness. Energy as humans view it is always carried by something, usually in the form of existence (mass) or movement. The Star Wars concept of “The Force” behind everything is quite a reasonable way to view energy!

Such Spiritual energy within life is also known as prana, “universal life force” or “qi” and LISN defines this as the force or energy of pure Love.

There is no logical block to an understanding of energy as an equivalence with the creative force behind the entire universe, which if it has the characteristics of loving intent, can also be called God, or universal spirit.

“Science gives us objective truth; religion, however, gives us personal meaning or personal truth. They should not be seen as contraries.”

Richard Rohr

“There is but one life principle. There is only one energy wherever it may be used, only one creative Spirit wherever it is perceived, only one spiritual power wherever it is understood.

The creative Principle of Life is ever present, including in you.”

Ernest Holmes

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