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If you are wondering what happens with a KindNest event, here are the things you can expect to happen, though the order may change.

  1. While people are being welcomed and settling, there will be live music (popular Optimistic covers), and the opportunity to sing if you wish.
  2. Once you are settled into a circle (if the venue is large enough for a circle) each person will have the chance to introduce themselves, and to state their intentions.
  3. The facilitator will then light a candle and the intentions of the group will be read out. (Safety, confidentiality, heard-felt speaking and listening etc.) A short time of silent breathing will follow, while focusing on what you desire.
  4. Small LISN groups (3-4 people) will be arranged, and each person in turn will have a few minutes to talk about what is heart-felt and meaningful in their life; stories, desires, struggles and wishes. Speakers are not to be interrupted, and each person listening is tasked to concentrate on the heart of the person who is speaking. You may pass if you don’t feel ready to speak. To make this time safe and worthwhile, only one person can speak at a time (As in the practice of an indigenous talking stick)   This is largely based around the work of Parker Palmer’s “Circle of Trust”
  5. After one round, attendees will return to the large circle where a few minutes is allocated to identifying what happened in the small circles.
  6. The group will then spend 10 minutes providing focused attention on healing. This healing can be for somebody in the group or it may be someone external who needs healing. This practice is along the lines of the ‘Power of 8‘ and Joe Dispenza‘s work.
  7. If there is time, another opportunity for listening in small groups can be arranged.
  8. The committed intentions of KindNest will then be ended with the blowing out of the candle and attendees may leave, or may stay to join in more music and dancing, or to share food and drink with discussion.

As you can see above, attending a KindNest does not require preparation, and can be a source of inspiration and healing.

“Ask yourself: When was the last time you had a conversation that really, truly mattered to you? One that made you think and evolve and progress? For me, it was a long time ago. Too long.” Emma Castleberry  

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