The Journey

Within me is a swelling,
a balloon filling with air.
I close my eyes,
Let my body fully feel
I surrender to its wisdom.
What is this feeling?
I have felt it many times before.
I look beneath it
What’s do we have here?
The balloon explodes.
An earthquake shakes my internal being.
With eyes closed
The wisdom speaks to me.
My body whispers softly.
You know what this is,
You’re almost home.
I draw the curtain back
What’s this?
The rumbling stops.
I sense all of me.
I feel myself relax.
But there’s more.
I begin to rise, to float.
I am flooded with a healing light.
I am surrounded, supported.
Something washes over me.
I am inside and outside of time.
I am one and I am all.
Nothing can me.
Because I am Source.
I am limitless
I hear it say to love.
Peace is my truth.
Anxiousness; be right here, right now.
Longing – all that you need is within.
Every cell in my body vibrates
A magnetic pull.
I turn around,
blinded with beauty.
My namesake.
Pure love.
My source.
My love.
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