Laughter Yoga

Some years ago I did 15 minutes of laughter yoga meditation  No humor is involved, just laughter.

I am a trainer with International Laughter Yoga, via the co-founder Madan Kataria. When teaching people, I suggest viewing a video “Bodhisattva in metro” (viewable below) to get a sense of spontaneous laughter. Try it!

I also tried PRAAYER & Buddhist vipassana meditation disciplines. By day ten of vipassana, I chose to go back to laughter meditation— because the beneficial impact of laughter yoga was startling, and did not seem to be present with vipassana meditation. Finally, I alternated PRAAYER, laughter, and vipassana, to see if the laughter effect could be sustained.

The results are shown in the figure below.

The impact is obvious! and startling to me! Even as a laughter yoga trainer, I am absolutely amazed at the results with laughter (part B)— consequently when the numbers started to drop again with vipassana (part C), I switched back to laughter to see if the benefits would resume— they did.

By this time, I was aware that I had the sense that my unconscious mind deeply enjoyed the laughter, and often had the sense of spontaneous internal giggling during the laughter meditation session.

Dave MacQuarrie, MD PhD. Acedia: The Darkness Within