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In nature, the heat of summer is when plants and animals are most active, solidifying the growth of springtime and flourishing under the warm sun. Summer is also when the first harvests begin to ripen. In other words, summer is a time of moving toward productivity.

In our life, this is the time of growth and celebration.

Nature’s bounty of duplication and abundance is a sharp contrast to human nature, which seems to regard perpetual scarcity as a low of life. If I hoard possessions, it is because I believe that there are not enough to go around. If I struggle over power, it is because I believe that power is limited. If I become jealous in relationships, it is because I believe that when you get too much love, I will be short- changed.

The irony is that by embracing the scarcity assumption, we create the very scarcities we fear, by fearfully accepting it as low, and by competing with others for resources, as if we were stranded in the Sahara at the last oasis.”

from Parker J Palmer “Let Your Life Speak” p 106

When we reach the peak of our physical strength and endurance, we still may be somewhat unfocused, thinking about how we will make our mark on the world, or what we have lacked.

For example, as a young adult we begin to use the emotional and intellectual foundations that were laid during our infancy, childhood, and youth. It is when we become our own person, responsible for our own life, making our own decisions about what we will do with our life and what sort of person we will be.

The series of summer deals with the inner times of growth and harvest. During these times we flourish without undue thought, reaping and enjoying the fruits, as we did when we were babies.

Like plants that develop their seeds and fruits, through the summer we begin a new cycle of life for the next generation of of our life. Let’s celebrate each abundant summer day!

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