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Though spring begins slowly and tentatively, it grows with tenacity.

The smallest and most tender shoots insist on having their way, coming up through ground that looked, only a few weeks earlier, as if it would never grow anything again. The appearance of crocuses and snowdrops bring hope.

“In my own life, as my winters segue into spring, I find it not only hard to cope with mud, but also hard to hope until the outcome is secure. Spring teaches me to look more carefully fro the green stems of possibility; for the intuitive hunch that may turn into a larger insight, for the glance or touch that may thaw a frozen relationship, for the stranger’s act of kindness that makes the world seem hospitable again.

From autumn’s seedings to the great spring growth, nature teaches a steady lesson; if we want to save our lives, we cannot cling to them but must spend them with abandon.

Just watch the bees work in the spring. They flit all over the place playing with both the flowers and their fates. Obviously bees are practical and productive, but no science can persuade me that they are not pleasuring themselves as well.”

From Parker J Palmer “Let Your Life Speak”


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