How others see Human Nature

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[HidePageTitle]Although we exhibit lots of individual and cultural variations, humans are animals, and like all animals we have idiosyncrasies, quirks and characteristics that distinguish us as a species. An invading alien would have no trouble categorizing us but, being so close to our subject matter, we struggle to pin down the essence of humanness.

Nevertheless, the task may not be beyond us. Anthropologists have identified many “human universals” – characteristics shared by all people everywhere, which constitute a sort of parts list of our species.  We are highly individual, however how we see ourselves as a species is an important cumulative view.

Below is a chart displaying how LISN members have voted on the issue of Human Nature in the IQSMY View of Human Nature“, part of the “Spiritual Profile” series. (Feel free to visit and contribute your view.)

It is for interest only. Don’t be concerned if you are not in the majority.

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