My View of Human Nature

Part 2 of 8 in the series Who am I?

‘Who am I?’ can be a game or taken seriously.

This is the opportunity to think about what defines you. We all have some basic theory of human nature, or philosophy to live by, even if it is as basic as a search for happiness or belonging.

This pre-defined world-view (ideology) is what we believe about what defines our principles (ethics), and how we should act (morals). It therefore is a major influence on how we interpret the nature of mankind, both ourselves and others.

For this reason alone, understanding what our worldview is, and how we came to accept it, is important.

In this IQS your worldview(s) can be selected or defined (added).

Your choices are important, and will affect the census of how we see humanity (See the next post in this series)

You can change your choices at any point by returning to this page.

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