Electric Life

I am friends with
this transient collection of atoms and cells
that is my body.

I am electric life:
white waves of energy flowing in and through every part of me,
spinning from the negative to the positive.

This electric life is only a brief moment.
In the history of humanity,
It is only a second
from fetus to grave.

Time is an illusion in this experience of thought
during which
electric life connects the dots
and shocks the nodes in each nerve
into awareness.

I am heart-beat and breath;
the senses of electric life;
but only during the brief period
while I am connected
with the current of all consciousness.

I am friends with this moment.
When I am silent I can hear
each sublime wave
break on the shores of connection.

I am not separate from any other life,
just as each cell in my body
is not separate from another.
Each cell needs each other
to allow electric life to flow.

I welcome my fellow human cells
into this single electric life:
Human belonging.

I am friends with all the other electric life forms,
butterflies fluttering in my mind that paint vivid images of
fields of plants and
diversities of animals
onto a single cosmic canvas.

Electric life does not stop flowing,
it will travel through space and time until they merge,
then it will continue on,
into new dimensions
that are parallel
with meaning.

I am electric life-kindness,
we are all united in electric-love.