What is LISN (Linked In Spirit Network)?

Welcome to LISN!

The Linked In Spirit Network (LISN) is three different services for spiritual needs.

1 A resource centre of spiritual or spirit-led offerings from the members. Such things as inspirational art, music, poetry or writing that the member found heart-felt connection to.

2 Location mapping to find others nearby who have common desire to connect spiritually.

3 Location mapping for organisation, group or person who wants to find spiritual organizations (eg churches or temples) or groups who are local or in a vicinity of interest.

This service is for anyone, not a specific philosophy, religion or belief. LISN has a facility to search by tags such as ‘spiritual not religious’, ‘major religion’ or ‘philosophy’, so people can find support that matches their needs, or a match to searchers to whom they can offer support. Click here to read blogs about LISN.

There is no charge for using this directory, including access to the features of finding a group of like minded people near you, chatting to them, finding organizations and local groups, etc.

Once you become a member, LISN helps you to connect to the people and organizations that you want!

Support organizations and groups nearby, or like-spirited individuals are displayed on a Google map…

You can limit the level of contact to just chat (so that no one gets access to your email or phone unless you release it), so there is no down side!

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