It’s Just Grief

The very thought
slows me down.
I stop running.
It’s not going to last forever,
it’s just grief.
I don’t need to linger there,
but savoring the pain,
I can try,

as those places touched unfold,
to fully experience the loss,
leaving no unturned
or hidden fear
to know…
It’s just grief.
Let the waves of sadness crash,
the tears of times remembered
times recalled
and times forgotten
wash over me
and cleanse the open wound.
It’s just grief.
It’s my grief
and only I can unlock the heart

that wants no further connection
to the pain and loss
and the broken, abandoned, lonely
agony of knowing this…….
She’s GONE.
Let the tears flow,
the longing soar
the love rush to find meaning
and reason
where there is none.

It’s just grief,
my new found friend!
Living in those I find
on that same path.
Living in those who walk beside me
holding my head
when I can’t keep it up.
It’s just grief.
Living in the love
of those who know how it feels
to be broken in ways never imagined,
never thought of
and not deserved.

It’s just grief,
living only to be shared.
For when it’s all on the table
all on the floor
and Everybody sees
and nobody sees.
It’s just grief.
I must know
that the legacy of Grief
is the wellspring of healing.
Thank you Kelsey and Dad
And Don and Ted and Bev and Bob
And Grandpa and Grandma
And Little Eddie and Bill
And baby Andrew and Michael
Thank you

for calling when I could not hear,
and tugging at the door.
It’s just grief.
And I am safe here,
Free here,
Loved here.
Thank you

Charlie Myking 2015