In nature I do not see false expectation.
The hungry sheep feed when grass is available.
The Dingo eats their lambs.

There are seasons when animals are hungry.

Humans like me also wander around wanting to be full.
My true nature is not to over-eat.
It is from hunger that the gift of appreciation arises.
My heart yearns to be empty, to create space for the peace I seek more than food.

Emptying myself is fulfilling.
Like the other animals I rely on something greater to supply my needs.
In humility I am learning to let go of what my ego hungers for.

I want to let go of all that blocks the love that bubbles deep below within me.
I will let go of the expectations of others that diminish my soul. The attachment to the need to ‘please others in order to gain love no longer serves me.

In order to live abundantly, I will empty myself of the hunger for the sugar of tomorrow, the drug of yesterday, and feast on the simple food of today:
Accept love,
Love myself,
Be grateful,
Pay love forward.


Philosofree Nov 3 2017