Freedom is being authentic to oneself.
Culture cut me off from the wiser part of me,
led me on a frantic one way swim
till I lay stranded,
so near the ocean of Love’s abundance
that I had once played happily in.

Here is a puzzle.
One chooses freedom!
But only when one knows that choice is an option.
An elephant trained to stay inside the rope circle
will not leave it’s invisible cage.

Nor does it feel like freedom to struggle with the weight of life
Like a beached whale.

Let us cast keys to all the self-trapped animals.
The instructions look like this:
“To exit slavery,
Insert the key into your inner awareness,
Turn off the voices from outside,
Follow the silent inner path towards
Trusting self-Love.
She knows the way back!
Cross the rope,
Into the infinite sea of being
from where you came.

Grace is only truly visible
When you see it’s Majesty,
gliding in the waters of it’s origin,
splashing it’s tail in fun,
and singing in the deep.

Philosofree 4th Nov 2017