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If voice were a colour, it would be red.

It would be red because a voice could be as soft as the petals of a rose, and as harsh as the  blood of war. Voice starts great things, sometimes terrible, but great. Voice can start wars, voice can heal. Voice has unlimited powers, and should be used with great caution.

If voice was used inappropriately, voice could become as red as dried blood, splattered on a wall. As red as the blood spilling of innocent people. As red as the vision of an angry man.

Voice should be used in a good manner, whatever good is.

Good seems to change with  everybody’s perspective. I mean, good can mean everybody living in harmony, or it could be an entire race wiped out. “Good” sides are “good” for killing their enemies, and the “bad” side is  bad” for trying to kill you. So really, what is good?

If voice were a season, it would be spring.

Voice would be spring because voice brings things into life. Voice can create things, whether good or bad. Voice can create war, bloodshed, and harm.  But voice can also create great things, like friendships, family, and can even bring love into the picture.

Every great thing is started by a single word, a thing that could be as silent as a shadow, or as loud as fireworks. You have to use voice wisely; you don’t know what you’ll bring into the world when you use it.

If voice were a piece of jewelry, it would be a jeweled necklace. It would be a jeweled necklace because voice is a sparkling gem that must be protected at all costs.

Voice must be protected because some people don’t realize the power that voice has. Some people think voice is just a regular thing, something that can be just thrown around, but they are far from the  mark. Voice is something with greater power than force or logic.

Voice is something that can  destroy, that can heal, that can do anything. Voice is a sparkling gem; must be displayed, but must be protected greatly. Voice comes with a responsibility, just as owning jewels does.

You must be careful, if you let voice out of sight, yours can be taken.

Livia Alonzi (Born 2005)

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