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Panentheism literally means “everything is within God”, the belief that God is in all, but is also an energy that exceeds what can be known in the universe.
An alternative concept for thinking about God, panentheism sees God not as a supernatural being “out there,” but as a non-material presence and reality which is right here within each life, and all around us in all creation.
  1. God is more than everything, is beyond everything. God is present in everything.
  2. Unlike pantheism, God is also a distinct intentional Being.
  3. The divine is right here in your body and experience.
  4. God is at once the entire universe, and transcends the universe as well.

“There is only one God, one Divine Mind. This One Source is undivided, hence all of It is present everywhere. God is not only where you are, He is what you are.

Become aware of this Divine Presence and Its activity flowing through you.”

Ernest Holmes


See also: Panpsychism

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