Healing Laughter

Rabbi Rami Shapiro urges us to be Holy Rascals, “with a passion for spiritual truth and awakening, using humor to shatter the systems that bind us.”

“I believe that when we aim laughter correctly, it helps us slice through the scar tissue of our psyche so that we can access something deeper.

What is the scar tissue? Old wounds, stories, ways of thinking, certainties, self-identities, resentments, Straight-jackets of limiting beliefs that bind our gifts, and dogma.

What is the “something deeper”? Ways of thinking that serve us better right now, truer senses of self, feelings of purpose, lessons, courage, vulnerability, unleashed gifts, and curiosities. In Other words, what lies deeper is likely the Stuff that gives us a sense of meaning and inner fulfillment.

The surgeon’s scalpel is really effective at cutting, which means it can cut in a way that helps or harms. Where the surgeon aims their scalpel becomes immensely important.

In the name of slicing through to the treasures that lie deeper within, how can we aim our laughter in a way that truly helps us slice through our psychological scar tissue to allow us to better access the deeper magic? My medically useless yet comedically useful advice is to aim your laughter at your
insecurities, the things that are most important to you, and what offends you the most.

In other words, direct your laughter it the things about yourself that you take so seriously that they seem the most off-limits.

If you open the gates of what’s most off-limits, you’ll likely discover some of your limitlessness (maybe even unlimited amounts of your limitlessness).”