LISN Introductory Video

[HidePageTitle]The video here gives an interactive introduction to LISN, as you are watching it, you can hover over the screen with your mouse, and choose options to link or open relevant pages!
Press the space bar to continue watching the video after interacting!

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Welcome to a space where you can feel more significant and connected. Our goal is for you to find a comfort zone for your spirit.This website is free and we will not ask for money now or later.

Have you ever felt bothered by something and found that when you tell someone, they try to solve it, or they counter the situation, or told you where you went wrong?
In a LISN group you get to tell your story without  interruption.
(Yes, It is possible to retrain your innate desire to correct or advise)

So, why did we set up Lisn … and for free?
Personally, when I discovered the sense of worth, being in a situation where people listen with their heart, I wanted others  to share the same experience.
So did the others on the LISN team. We all want to Pay forward this simple joy.
So LISN was created to support people in finding and listening together.

This is simple, but it requires everyone in the group to play their part.
You see, LISN group members feel safe to share their stories because all the attendees commit to listening  without giving judgment, opinion or advice. I find that I draw on my own inner wisdom when I speak authentically in such a safe place. So I realize I must offer the same by being quiet and listening.

And when each of us just simply listens without comment, during, or after, everyone in the group, including you, gets the opportunity to speak, and most importantly, to feel heard.

LISN groups are available online worldwide using video conferencing, and you can also arrange to meet with others who live near you via LISN maps. For me participating is something I look forward to, I don’t feel I have to.
LISN groups are for anyone, including all cultures and traditions.

You can find a group with people who are on the same path as you, such as a LISN group associated with a religion to which you relate, OR you may choose a to search for a spiritual identity that fits your journey.

Spiritual not religious? Comfortable with only one Religion? New Age or open to new experience? These are all valid for you to be heard within a LISN group. That is why we try to link you with others you will feel comfortable with. And it is simple to create a group of friends to practice LISNing. 🙂

“Gamble everything for love, if you are a true human being. Halfheartedness does not reach into majesty” – Rumi

Come and experience what we all have  in common, within a LISN group! It’s just one small step in order for your spirit to experience being accepted.
As a guest you can browse online for inspiration, insight or information, and then register to get access to LISN groups. It’s as simple as that, and it is all free! You can set your own levels of confidentiality.

Oh –  and LISN is not a blog, or a dating site, or a forum, so you are not going to get regular emails or interruptions; you have enough of them already.
Our intent is to encourage you to slow down, and LISN to what is happening inside.