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    Hi brothers –
    This email is to invite you to Spirit Point, just south of North Bay, Ontario — for a special Men’s weekend!
    Friday through Sunday, November 15-17th, 2019.
    We call it “Winterize.” (It is a similar concept to “Soularize”)
    The theme for 2019 is “Tending the Sacred Fire” – a symbol that draws on Indigenous tradition and a sense of Divine Indwelling – common to many traditions.

    A quick intro to the event …
    * This year – our 3rd – we’re able to open it up to more men who are seeking this type of experience.
    Note that space is still limited; the cap is 44.
    * It’s like a 2 Day Men’s Circle – to express and explore male spirituality – with brothers from across Ontario and Canada!
    (one thread common for many of us is Richard Rohr’s work; or Illuman’s Men’s Rites of Passage.)
    * Spirit Point, besides being a superb location, facility and centre for Indigenous teaching; is also equidistant from Toronto and Ottawa (both are a 4 hour drive)

    We have a couple other intentions around this event:
    a) Winterize is to be a place of connection .. especially new connections.
    If you are new to this; feel not connected; or there’s nothing for men in your geographic area … and you want or need to connect – you are welcome.

    b) There are very few, and hopefully, no barriers – for men to come.
    Indigenous or not; and whatever one’s sexual orientation – faith tradition (or none) – or financial situation, we will help however we can – with finances and rides.
    If you want to tend the Sacred Fire within you and in all of us … you are welcome;

    c) The weekend is relaxed and recreational; but also intentional and full of purpose.
    We opt for a alcohol / drug free environment – so we can ‘keep the edges hot.’

    There is more information in the Invitation / Registration document that you can access from
    I would recommend inquiring / registering as soon as possible … we do expect to reach capacity quickly. Feel free to let other Illuman friends know about this.

    Deepest regards
    cell 613 315-0599

    with support from
    Frank Leaney
    Dave MacQuarrie
    Phil Cheney