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A person who saves, rescues, or delivers from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure.

The role of a spiritual savior is to bring about peace and joy, and show how all humanity can be at-one-with-God.

The role of Salvation

There are two major differences in understanding humanity, each of which affects the view of what a savior does, which is called ‘salvation’.

  • Each individual soul is a spark of the divine, and being created in the image of the divine will return to the divine by grace. In this case the savior has the role of enticing people back to their inherent true selves, at one with the divine.
  • Each individual soul is separated from the divine, corrupt, and sinful (opposes God or the universal spirit). In this case the belief is based on the need for punishment for opposition to love, and the role of a savior is to take the punishment on behalf of the sinner.

“Most souls are initially ‘unsaved’ in the sense that they cannot dare to imagine they could be one with God/Reality/the universe. Many clergy fight me on the idea of actual one-ness with God the most. It is as if they do not believe in their own product. Only your soul can know the soul of other things. Only a part can recognize the whole from which it came.”

Fr Richard Rohr “Immortal Diamond” p60

Examples of Savior

Savior in Christian religion refers to Jesus Christ who takes on the responsibility/punishment for sin, in Judaism the messiah (savior) will usher in an era of peace, and in Islam the same person, Isa Ibn Mariam, al-Masih (“Jesus son of Mary, the Messiah”) is believed to have been anointed from birth by Allah with the specific task of being a prophet and a king. Other religions have a messianism-related concept, including the Buddhist Maitreya, the Hindu Kalki, the Zoroastrian Saoshyant and He whom God shall make manifest in Bábism.

Historically there are many spiritual people who have been venerated as saviors, across many cultures.

A chronological list of example saviors who were/are venerated by some adherents.

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Others without a chronology:

  • Salivahana of Bermuda
  • Zulis or Zhule of Egypt
  • Osiris of Egypt
  • Oru of Egypt
  • Odin of the Scandinavians
  • Zoroaster of Persia
  • Baal of Phoenicia
  • Taut, “the only Begotten of God” of Phoenicia, inventor of letters
  • Bali of Afghanistan
  • Xamolxis (Zalmoxis) of Thrace
  • Zoar of the Bonzes
  • Adad of Assyria
  • Deva Tat of Siam (Thailand)
  • Sammonocadam (Sommona-Codom) of Siam (Thailand)
  • Alcides of Thebes
  • Mikado of the Sintoos
  • Beddru of Japan
  • Bremrillah of the Druids
  • Thor son of Odin of the Gauls/Norse
  • Cadmus of Greece
  • Hil/Feta of the Mandaites
  • Gentaut of Mexico
  • Universal Monarch of the Sibyls
  • Ischy of Formosa (Taiwan)
  • Divine Teacher of Plato
  • Holy One of Xaca
  • (Fohi) of China
  • Tien of China
  • Adonis son of the virgin Io of Greece
  • Ixion of Rome
redeemer, messiah
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