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  • Being punished for an offense or fault
  • A penalty inflicted for a mistake
  • Severe handling or treatment

Punishment is a practice based on the unsubstantiated belief that the fear of ostracism, pain or torture or death etc will positively change someone else’s behavior.

Observe the synonyms for punishment on the featured image to see the words associated with punishment. What are the motives for punishment?

Now consider in your own life how effective punishment has been, compared to forgiveness, compassion and encouragement to do better. Which attributes do you associate with the way the universe will evolve?

See also:

the concept of sin

Savior, or saviour


Your father held you In his arms
He knew that you were gonna fall
You thought you had a Better way
So you made him put you On the floor


  • And he won’t let go, no he won’t let go
  • No he won’t let go, because he loves you so.

You crawled toward the Red hot fire
He told you it was Dangerous
He tried to hold you By the arm
You kicked and screamed and Bit his hand


You thought you were Away from him
And doing things He didn’t know
To your surprise He followed you
And held you safely By his hand

Now God’s the same with You and me
We think that we can Get away
But when you think about it That’s absurd
His love surrounds you Every day

retribution, revenge
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