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Ontology is looking at the nature of being and reality, especially cause, inter-relationships or identity.

LISN ontologies are based on an Open World Assumption (OWA) which is based on Anyone can say Anything about Any topic (AAA). Statements that are not included in an ontology are considered unknown as opposed to false.

Ontology often deals with questions concerning how entities may be grouped, related within a hierarchy, and subdivided according to similarities and differences. A common usage of ‘Ontology’ is for example in health, where all diseases can be classified, but have multiple inter-relationships with overall human health, and each other.


Categorization is broken into human 7 base categories:

1. Seasons & emotion

2. Being in silence intuition / Synchronicity awareness of higher self / connectedness

3. Doing relationship caring spirit awareness

4. Learning /Curiosity /science

5. Insight with streams of thought and neural networks

6. Questioning morality ethics philosophy

7. Body self care physical needs earning jobs

This is where each category is defined with IQS.

There is no right/wrong, and each element can be connected to multiple categories and subcategories

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