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Laziness is the term used to describe someone who is not willing to work or use their energy.

The reason ‘why’ is rarely incorporated into the way the word is used, yet often the lack of willingness because they have not found what they want to do, or because, for one reason or another, they are not doing it. This is true for spiritual laziness also. If we are not willing to spend time on inner work, it is usually because we do not want to face ourselves.

Laziness can be for a range of reasons, for example hopelessness, a fear of success, or insufficient self-esteem to feel comfortable with success. Laziness can be a way of sabotaging ourselves. This leads to another overlapping but less common word of similar meaning: Acedia

ακηδια [acedia] means lack of incentive through: grief, rage, resignation, boredom(lacking interesting activity), weariness, despair, disgust, sloth, ennui(the lack of interest that leads to boredom), anomie(Lack of social interest) and self-pity”

“Acedia as laziness, fearfulness, and self-righteousness impedes the individual from doing the deeper emotional work necessary for growth, obstructing the processes necessary to come to terms with life’s pain.”

Dave MacQuarrie MD PhD. “Acedia: The Darkness Within”

Laziness promotes an awareness of the need for attitude change. LISN proposes the IQS of bliss to consider the alternatives.

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