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“There are dimensions to you that transcend the actual parts and pieces that you refer to as your body – qualities and characteristics that emerge only at a larger, collective level, when all those parts are assembled to form you. Holism is the reality that emerges only when all the parts are put together but can’t be Individually located, labeled, or identified at a smaller, component, parts level. 
Hierarchy is about parts, and your body is made of lots of them;
206 bones, 
proteins that run into each other a billion times a second, 
enzymes that do a thousand jobs a second, a brain with one hundred billion interconnected neurons, 
each neuron having ten thousand connections and synapses – 
and yet you are more than the sum of your parts in the same way that:
novels are more than just the words, 
songs are more than just the notes, 
and boats are more than just the planks. 
Holism is when two plus two equals infinity
Holism is the truth that your consciousness and personality and awareness cannot be located in your physicality, in the same way that your identity and thoughts and fears and favorite ice cream and opinions about Jim Carrey movies can’t be detected in your elbow or your nose or your pancreas 
Holism is your awareness that you cannot hold soul in yourhand. 
Holism is the living, breathing truth that you-the-whole are more than the sum of your parts. 
Holism is the mystery at the heart of your existence-the fact that whatever it is that makes you most uniquely you cannot be measured or assessed or even found in any conventional, rational, scientific way. 
Holism is your sense that there’s more going on here, even though it can’t be located in any one person, thing. or event. 
These truths about the holism that is each of us leads us to a larger holism, one that continues to unfold across and outside of time itself.”
Rob Bell
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