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Light Energy, Light Speed, and Time Matter!

Einstein worked out last century that energy and matter are interchangeable; and that the rate of exchange is the speed of light squared:
E = MC2, where E= Energy, M=Mass and C2=the speed of light multiplied by itself (C squared or CxC because kinetic energy of a moving object increases by the square of its velocity.).

The thing often missed about light is that it is in Einstein’s famous equation TWICE, both as energy, and as the determinant of speed.

light is a way of transferring energy through space. Light is also a form of energy. Light waves can act both as waves and particles, which are known as photons; and particles can behave as both particles and waves, in other words they are theoretically interchangeable.

Now related to spirituality, or the metaphysical, the important issue is the simple definition:

Speed is distance divided by time.

In other words the most famous equation implies something rarely talked about. Mass, matter, the universe,  all are dependent on time. Nothing can exist outside of time (other than possibly light energy) because mass = E/C2 which also means mass has a direct relationship to energy, distance and time. Simple math right?

Take away time and there is no mass. Take away mass and there is no time. The Big Bang theory assumes that at some point there was only a single point of energy from which all matter, distance and time emerged and is still expanding.

“A  very small quantity of mass contains a breathtaking amount of energy (mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light, or MC²) — a hugely lopsided ratio that imparts some idea of the colossal atomic and nuclear forces that must have been at work during the early life of the universe, when energy first forged itself into matter.” 

Oakland Ross, Toronto Star 2012

It is possible that this original creative energy could be comprehended as universal spirit/soul, or in other language, ‘God’ or the ‘Higher Power’.

If this assumption were valid, science and metaphysics need not be at loggerheads.

The Source of Light Energy

“Light is the only thing that’s universal for all observers,” says Lawrence M. Krauss, a U.S. physicist and author of A Universe from Nothing . “The conversion factor between space and time is light, and the conversion factor between mass and energy is light, squared.”

Allah is the light of the heavens and the earths.” Quran (24-35)

Ho Theòs phôs estín, “God is light” (1 John 1:5).

God said, ‘Let there be light!’ And there was light!” (Genesis 1:3)

In ancient Egyptian culture the radiance of light accompanies the first cosmic dawn, marked by a great waterlily which comes out of the primordial waters generating the sun.

The archaic Indian theology of the Rigveda considered the creative divinity Prajāpati as a primordial energy that exploded in a myriad of lights, creatures and harmonies.

The founder of Buddhism took up the sacred title of Buddha, which means the Illumined one, or the one of light.

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