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The word ‘Christ’ is a Greek translation Χριστός (Christos) of the Hebrew ‘messiah’, meaning “the anointed one.”  In coffins of Egyptian mummies the word krst is found as a blessing and anointing from Horus and Osiris, hence the word Christos is thought as loaned.

However the term ‘Cosmic Christ’ today also has wider implications as an archetype, a substitute short-form for the intimate presence of God or the universal spirit.

“The only Jesus we now know is the risen Christ, the eternal Christ, the Cosmic Christ. ‘Christ’ is simply the word some of us use for “the Body of God”. If you do not like the word ‘Christ,’ you can find another, but it is as good as any other to name ‘God-as-materialized’, which apparently happened about 14.6 billion years ago.”
Fr Richard Rohr “Immortal Diamond” p77


Abrahamic Religions views of ‘Christ’.

Christians see Jesus and Christ as interchangeable, and that Christ is the center of God’s loving and intimate presence in the world. (Also known as Savior or redeemer)

Jesus was not, and is not, accepted in Judaism as a Jewish messiah.

Muslims accept Jesus (Arabic: عيسى‎, translit. ʿĪsā) as al-Masih, the messiah in Islam, and believe he will come again[17], but don’t believe that the messiah is divine or the Son of God.

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