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Character is a place holder for the collection of intentions, beliefs and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
Commonly desired or “good” character qualities are:


Reliability (Promise-keeping)


– Civility, Courtesy and Decency
– Dignity and Autonomy
Tolerance and Acceptance


– Accountability
– Pursuit of Excellence
– Self-Restraint


– Process
– Impartiality
– Equity






“The features of a person’s character can be generally described or labeled, and yet their unique personality can be “pinpointed” as the specific constellation of those particular features. I have found it highly useful both to label people’s general character impairments . as they appear within the spectrum of possibilities and to place each character trait very specifically at a point on that spectrum. There are many wild and wonderful ways character and its vehicle of destiny (friendship) play out in spectrums representing different areas of our lives. ‘
Friendship itself exists on a spectrum, and the quality of people we tend to call friends is distributed along that spectrum, anywhere from acquaintance through shopping friend, lunch friend, classmate friend, buddy, or good friend all the way up to best friend or even BFF (best friend forever).
Friendship quality
Labeling friends in this way, while respecting their uniqueness in our lives, is where the power comes from in my quantum psychology. It can give us practical answers about how to fix problems.”
Paul dobransky MD “Power of Female Friendships”
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