My optimism does not hide the hurt

It will not stop the hate or shame

But I will no longer be a part of blame

for each birthing from the pain

will be a new beginning.


What my child’s innocence could not see

Is that life will always be a mystery

of the spirit of love that called me to be

this broken part of humanity

that you now see. It is still me.


Today I hear the little birds sing

And it gets me to remembering:

nothing can dim, or darken the vision

that will always and forever win;

A light of love that shines within,

The light of love that shines within


I want to hide the hurt and pain

I try to clean the dirt of everyday

But I do not want to wash my deep and feeling soul away.,.

I do not want to wash my heart away.,.


What I know will always stay

Is what the soft and fragile me

brings to bless eternity;

It is the constant memory

I’m not alone, I’m family

with this oneness called humanity

Our oneness called humanity.


There’s something I still need to say;

I hurt, I cry, and it’s ok.

You will only see me clearly

as you understand the pain in me,

compassion glues us; in this way,

compassion is our epoxy.