Creating Compassionate Communities

The Charter for Compassion is an international movement that expresses the natural human instinct for care.

One of the courses Charter for Compassion offers is called “Creating Compassionate Communities: A guide to Sacred Space”, and is led by Teresa Cowan Jones.

In this recommended course the need for communities is investigated. But we have communities already do we not?

Yes, we do, however often interactive gatherings are based on acceptance of a creed or set of beliefs. The emerging SBNR sector is uncomfortable with being told what to believe, and is looking for sacred spaces that are not controlled by belief, but rather by compassionate action,

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Sacred Space Defined

Definition of Sacred: That which we hold most dear in terms of meaning and values; what we revere

 Definition of Sacred Space: “Sacred Space is a live, (weekly) inclusive gathering in which people gather locally to build compassion – through reflective practice and deep listening – that leads to social justice.” It is a safe haven to cultivate the heart.

“Contemplation is any way one has of penetrating illusion and touching reality.” 
Parker J Palmer

In response to the request to define ‘wisdom traditions’, Teresa offers:

“Humanity’s shared, ancestral heritage of the compassionate elements of the world religions, particularly their meaningful narratives, transformative practices, and visions of peace, equity, and justice.”